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    Getting Sick.. the kink in your routine

    Getting Sick.. the kink in your routine

    Getting sick...

    It's a typical hurdle everyone goes through but when your psychically trying to be active and healthier this is usually a giant set back.

    You don't want to do ANYTHING when your sick; I don't blame you I don't want to either and I haven't really until this morning. I caught the "bug" that's going around fever everyday, muscle aches, back pains, chills, couch, a sore throat and stuffy nose.

    Doctor said it's viral let it pass unless you physically can't function.... (being a mom it's my job to function I don't get to lay in bed all day.) So I've dealt with it mostly tons of fluids, meds, bundled up and Vicks is my friend. I should have remembered that at least trying to do yoga would help with my aches and pains but I just wasn't having it until I tried this morning.

    I've been drinking my tea with honey and of course electrolytes to keep my body hydrated; and today I did some light stretching.... oh man why didn't I do this sooner, I started feeling better a couple minutes into a downward dog. Next time for sure I'll remember that even light activity can help you out when your feeling sick.

    Hope you have a great weekend and stay healthy!

    Introducing CHICMODA Brand Ambassadors!

    Introducing CHICMODA Brand Ambassadors!

    Welcome to CHICMODA!

    Our Brand Ambassador program support a community of inspirational sport lovers in their community!

    Let's get started to know each of them!

    Wendy De Leon


    Welcome to ChicModa! My name is Wendy. I am a brand ambassador for ChicModa. An amazing line that reflects a balance between beauty, athleticism, and fashion. 

    First and foremost, I am a mother of a beautiful 10 year old boy named Sebastian. I am also a full time employee and student. AND... I am a fitness guru. Ok, I am not a fitness guru. I am fairly new to fitness myself. I was in dance for many years but after a baby and as a single parent, I found myself with minimal time and little energy. Though I had been active all my life, my body had undergone serious changes and the lack of physical activity was not helping. I finally found the motivation to start taking better care of myself. Not only for my sake, but for my son's. I am now an avid runner and have recently discovered yoga! 

    I know how hard it may be to find the balance between our everyday routine and staying active. So I am here to help! I hope you stick around and follow my not so perfect life. I will be sharing my experiences with fitness and kickstarting a healthier diet. You can also follow me on Instagram @wendiecakes  

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    Next, let's welcome Joanne!


    Hi! My name is Joanne Luscombe and I have recently become a brand ambassador for ChicModa!

    As a Mom to 2 children I feel that having an active lifestyle helps my children see that exercise is a great way of making yourself feel better each day even if it is something as little as stretching!

    I am an active runner and love to do Yoga, Pilates and Piyo. When I am not doing any of those I am chasing around my tiny tot 2 year old who is a ball of energy! I can't wait to show you all the ways I love to use and wear my ChicModa apparel.


    At last, I'd like to thank Wendy and Joanne for their sincere support as always and I believe together we will make a beautiful and bright future!

    If you love sports and like to share the joyful sweat moments with your friends or family, welcome to join us! You know where to find us!