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    CHICMODA brand comes from two words in English and Spanish: CHIC, means style and elegance in English; MODA stands for fashion and smart in Spanish. Together, CHIC and MODA represent a perfect balance of feminine fashion and wisdom.We provide high quality and fashionable sports products with affordable prices, meeting up with sports women’s needs on stylish and supreme performances. 



    CHICMODA was created when a team with extensive experience in sportswear joined forces with a group of designers and strategists in Milan, Italy. Together cooperated with Silicon Valley team in US across the ocean we realized that, for those who appreciate style, it was difficult to find a well-curated selection of beautifully-designed and inexpensive tech sportswear that showcase seasonal colors. We decided to turn this idea into reality, and CHICMODA was born.


    Our Values

    CHICMODA aims to give you modern design and high quality that our customers have come to expect at an affordable price. Stay healthy, enjoy life.



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